Dream Career V2Make this Monday Matter – your ten week job search countdown

OK I’m going to say it, the end of 2017 is fast approaching and ten weeks today we will be welcoming 2018 through the door. That means if you made that “New Job” resolution in January 2017 you need to make this Monday matter. Here are the first of my top ten tips to get you on the right track.

What has been stopping you?

Ask yourself honestly what has stopped you taking action towards securing that new job? Do you really want it or are you one of the many passive job seekers? Passive job seekers often put their CV on one of the job boards and leave it at that, if you haven’t had lots of calls then I’m not surprised. The job market can feel like one of the scariest and negative places and you have to be ready to be a job search warrior! 

Are you coasting?                               

People have repeatedly said “I can’t believe we are in ….already”, “How quickly has this year gone?” I’ve been guilty of saying the same thing. In real terms I know it is the same as every other year but I am sometimes surprised when I look up and it is Friday! To make a change we have to be really motivated otherwise it is much easier to stay where we are. Two of my recent coaching clients have both being going through mergers and restructures at work, they have been overwhelmed with work, delivering 60+ hour weeks and after work they were too tired to even think about anything else. When you are on that hamster wheel it is so difficult to get off and really think. So stop coasting

Making the time to make the change

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you” Carl Sandburg

When I am delivering training and coaching around goal setting and time management, one of the key elements is to break it down into manageable steps. This is where your Career Consciousness kicks in! Rather than thinking about the all the effort it takes let’s break it down into manageable steps. Schedule a couple of hours into your week to focus wholly on your career and job search. (This does not include scrolling through job boards) This might be on your commute to work, it may be a couple of hours on a weekend or half an hour at lunchtime (which you should always take – we perform better when we have a break during the day!) Breaking down the coaching exercises into manageable sized pieces meant both of the aforementioned clients could get some real clarity.

Every step you take means you are closer – breaking it down

CV Services

CV Services

We often get lost in the role we are doing and begin to underestimate the impact it has on the organisation we work for. Think about the most important thing you have achieved in the last three months. How are you measuring this? Is this better or worse than you were expecting, what have you learnt from this? I recommend spending time evaluating these seemingly normal tasks so you have some real focus on what you do and do not enjoy. You do not have to be a jack of all trades, what is your special and different? If you only do three things today then here is your starter for ten;

  • One – Stop Coasting!
  • Two – Make the time
  • Three – Step by step capture your special and different

Come back next Monday for the next three steps to getting your ten week plan into action and getting the job you deserve. Sign up for the first free step here