All I want for Christmas is a new job…

The unemployment figures appear to be delighting in festive cheer as they slide downwards quarter after quarter. It has been some considerable time since we had good news and clear indicators that we are on the road to recovery. It does raise the question if Father Christmas was going to put your dream job in your stocking what would that be? If the world doesn’t end, how are you going to make 2013 work for you career?

Careering out of control

Did you ever make a conscious decision about which career path you wanted to go on? The English dictionary definition is a chosen pursuit or occupation. Do you consider that you made a choice or was it more a series of incidents that set you on the path.  How many of us left school or university, took the first position we were offered then worked our way through the hierarchy. The other alternative was to try few different roles until we found one that felt like a good fit.

I spoke to someone recently who said the only enjoyment he used to get at work was trying not to do any work – he was left unchallenged, bored and frustrated. This doesn’t just happen at the early stages, how many people have wondered if this is it for their career? What did you want to be when you were a child and are you doing your dream job?

A few lucky people have a true vocation; they have always known what they wanted to do. This can be very difficult for their friends and siblings as they are left flummoxed in their own choices. The most common route is to fall in to a sector and there we stay. I know how lucky I am to love my job, the old cliché rings true. Find a job you love and you gain five extra days per week. It has always astounded me how people are “stuck