Top 5 CV tips- getting you noticed

A CV is a sales tool, it is designed to present your strengths to a potential employer and demonstrate the benefits an organisation will receive by having you on board. Are people as quick to judge your CV as they are to judge you in person?

Are you being judged?

The reality is yes – you do only have a few seconds to make a first impression either in writing or face to face. So does making your CV stand out mean you are more likely to secure an interview?

Standing out from the crowd – good or bad idea?

I followed a recent discussion in The Yorkshire Mafia group on Linkedin, about CVs and people perceptions when they receive them. One of the major talking points was the use of comic sans as a chosen font. The majority of people in the discussion said an overwhelming no to this font- ok if you are 5 years old and writing a poem, not so good if you are CEO of a major organisation. Then came the back lash on “judging a book by its cover