Why I am Sleeping with Simon #SleepwithSimon

Thursday 25th September is D day Gatewood Consulting Director Louise Lapish is taking to the streets to support her favourite charity Simon on the Streets. For Louise spending a night under the stars in a real challenge for her. It is the nearest thing to camping she has ever taken part in. We take a couple of minutes to ask why this charity and why now?


Why this particular charity?

I am always amazed by the positive impact this charity has on the local homeless community, every single person who works for the organisation is committed to improving the lives of others. I have supported them since the conception of my business and I am glad to say over the years they ave become friends.  At the heart of everything they do is communication which draws a major parallel with the ethos of Gatewood Consulting. 

Why the sleep out?

Ha! I am not a natural born camper; I much prefer luxury to roughing it. The last time I slept in a sleeping bag will have been a Rag raid at university. I couldn’t think of a better way to show my commitment to the charity than by giving up my own home comforts. It’s about the experience as much as the sponsorship, that doesn’t mean I am not promoting my just giving page! Donate here.

What do you expect to learn?

I know that this does not compare to the real life experience hundreds of people go through on a nightly basis, however if I magnify my thoughts I am sure it will open my eyes! I can’t tell you how many people have told me I am brave. I don’t think I am brave, I know that I will be safe and I will be with others who are sleeping out; I am simply wanting to remind people that every one deserves to have a home to call their own. A recent blog on the Simon on the Streets site reminded me how important their work is.

What’s in your tool kit?SOTSSleeping bag

We are allowed a sleeping bag, cardboard and a camping mat. I also have a brand spanking new torch. My friends and family have been amazing; I think I’ll have enough boxes to make a matress! Other than that I have some warm and waterproof clothes. With the current event sponsorship total standing at more than £13,ooo it’s bound to make a difference. Wish me luck! 


Be sure to tune in for Louise’s blog when she has completed the challenge.