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"You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own."

- D.M.Dell

Making sure you are successful at interview

You have a CV that is gaining interest and  securing you interviews. Do you really understand the rules of the game, it’s now time for you to master that all important interview technique. Are you aware of the common interview mistakes and pitfalls? Are you guilty of underselling yourself and hoping the interviewer reads between the lines? Do nerves set you on edge, leaving you dry mouthed and stuttering? You must portray yourself in the best possible light. Never assume that other people understand the role you had, and how you can impact on their organisation.
Louise L RedoYou need to be able to talk about your achievements you in a confident and clear manner to maximise your chances and stand out from the other candidates. What is it that makes you special and different?  This is even more crucial if you are trying to make a transition into a new market sector- show them don’t tell them!The session will ensure that you are ready to tackle any interview situation head on. Be the best version of you.

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Our session ensures that you can sell yourself effectively and understand how to answer those difficult questions. We know which questions you will be asked and how best to portray these to HR and recruitment professionals. Our tips on negotiating the package will be invaluable in helping you secure the right position.

Interview Coaching

Call now to discuss how our flexible and tailor made solutions are right for you. Our process

  • Face to Face Interview Coaching
  • Skype Interview Consultation
  • Constructive Interview feedback
  • Interview role play including answer & body language analysis
  • Informative interview guide

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Our practical career assistance can be delivered face to face in Leeds; London; Warwick or via telephone or Skype. Contact us now to book your free no obligation discussion or call 07879 814508

What our clients say

  • “As a professional looking for a new approach to my career I worked closely with Louise and found her to be a great motivator and someone who objectively challenged ideas and plans with a great understanding of all elements of a business.Louise understands people and helps establish long term goals to ensure the focus is not just on your current or short term objectives, and changes the thought process around career progression.I am looking forward to working with Louise again and have no hesitation in recommending her
  • “My oh my: “Choose THREE attributes that best describe this service provider” – I wanted to pick 5, but then that’s more a reflection of me than about Louise:-) (the other two were “Great Results” and “Good Value” btw)Why did I approach Louise? Whilst I believed I had a reasonably good CV, and have always been comfortable and confident in interview situations, I recognised that there are/were more effective ways of communicating my skills and achievements. I spent several extremely worthwhile hours with Louise, and came away with a completely different take on how I can, and now do, present myself.I cannot recommend Louise enough to anyone who has concerns about the quality of their CV or to anyone who believes they could benefit from her extremely constructive career coaching.Louise – thank you, thank you, thank you” – Simon P
  • “I have known Louise many years and requested her help with updating my CV. With Louise’s wealth of CV writing experience combined with expert coaching skills, she enabled me to challenge every line and focus on my career achievements. The end result was a new CV which was far better than I could have ever managed on my own. I strongly recommend Louise’s CV writing services and look forward to employing her career services again in the future” – Stephanie R
  • “I contacted Louise at Gatewood Consulting with regards to furthering my career overseas. I found her helpful, friendly and extremely professional. The design and feel of my CV proved a major contribution to me being appointed in my dream job covering Australasia and Singapore. I am very grateful for the time and effort she put in and have no hesitation in recommending her and Gatewood Consulting to others in the future.” – Alex L