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Beahvioural Profiling for team and individual performance improvement

"Behaviour drives people; people drive business"


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Behavioural profiles

designed to suit your needs

Understnding yourself and what makes you tick

is a crucial step when it comes to managing your career.

Each personal profile is tailored to help you understand how and why you communicate in a particular way.

  • Why do you react the way you do?
  • Why do you get on better with some people rather than others?
  • How can you improve the way you communicate?

As well as a full written report you also receive an in-depth feedback session, including handy tips and strategies, and action plans to ensure you have real tools to communicate more effectively.


Everything DiSC Workplace®

If you and your team need to communicate better this profile is useful in any organisation, enabling you to build more effective relationships, and improve the atmosphere and team ethos of the Work environment.

Everything DiSC Management

If you need to understand how to bring out the best in each employee. You learn how to read employee styles and adapt your own management style to ensure the team become more effective.

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What our clients say

  • “Louise, thanks very much for yesterday, it was extremely useful, and will definitely reap rewards for both myself and my company. I only wish I could have you with me everyday!” – James B
  • “Inspiring and entertaining, Louise made it all make sense! – Audrey M
  • ““Having worked with Louise before, I chose the training and coaching option, having Gatewood Consulting on site meant that my Management team embraced the training and more importantly put it in to action. The ongoing support was worth the investment as I could trust her to fix the problems we had…..and I’m delighted to say she did!