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CV painted ladyIt is critical that Consultant and professional candidates have a CV that sets them apart from the competition.
You must never assume that other people appreciate the complexities of your role and the positive impact you have had on an organisation.

Your achievements need to be quantified. Perception is reality in recruitment, the person who presents themselves the best on paper and subsequently in interviews secures the contract .

So many people at your level simply don’t have the time to invest in preparing the CV, worse still they undersell themselves. This is magnified when you are delivering short term contracts or turning projects around.

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What our clients say

  • “My oh my: “Choose THREE attributes that best describe this service provider” – I wanted to pick 5, but then that’s more a reflection of me than about Louise:-) (the other two were “Great Results” and “Good Value” btw)Why did I approach Louise? Whilst I believed I had a reasonably good CV, and have always been comfortable and confident in interview situations, I recognised that there are/were more effective ways of communicating my skills and achievements. I spent several extremely worthwhile hours with Louise, and came away with a completely different take on how I can, and now do, present myself.

    I cannot recommend Louise enough to anyone who has concerns about the quality of their CV or to anyone who believes they could benefit from her extremely constructive career coaching.

    Louise – thank you, thank you, thank you