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Why do people like you look for professional career advice?Career Advice

  • Redundancy – you need to find a new position
  • Career Change – you want to find a new direction
  • NED/Consultancy – you need to enter a new senior marketplace
  • Seeking Promotion – you want to take the next step in your career and secure success
  • Returning to Work –  you need to refocus after maternity or a career break and redefine priorities 
  • Work Life Balance – you need to take back the control and have more life in your life
  • Portfolio Careers – you want to develop a flexible career portfolio

The Seven Steps is a simple and clear coaching programme that works with you as an individual  to ensure that you are attaining your peak performance, you getting the results you want and securing the job you deserve. It provides you with seven simple steps that you can use every single time you are job searching; a tried and tested way for you to manage your career choices and ensure that you remain in control; be career conscious.

This step by step route has been used by hundreds of our clients to help them through the pitfalls and challenges of the modern world of employment, job searching or starting a business. We are excited that our online programme is live.

If you choose our face to face option you are matched with a consultant who works with you to understand what you really need and then delivers the right solution; with our breadth of training and coaching knowledge our packages arm you with practical and real life ways to ensure that you are in charge of your own happy ending. Now it’s time for you to take the Seven Steps and ensure you secure the right new position? Finding your dream job? Changing market sector and learning to love Monday mornings.

If you want to find out how our solutions can work for you then contact us.  Are you ready to make positive change and become career conscious?


Investing in yourself has never been more important to keep you ahead of the competition and achieve the career results you want; our CPD Accredited coaching has proved popular with people at many different stages of their career. Are you expecting your current or future employer to manage your career for you?

Are you: wanting to gain promotion; secure a new job; change direction; finally uncover what their dream job is. Our bespoke coaching solutions work for you a lasting positive impact on your life. Life is too short to be in a job that you hate, find one that you love.

Contact us now for a no obligation quotation.


  • Louise is professional, succint and right up to date. I have no hesitation in recommending her services for those looking to target higher income positions

  • Having battled with the system for 9 months Tried to make a very successful / diverse 30 yr career fit onto two pages I engaged Louise What I got was a Supportive, Creative, Knowledgable, Punctual and Detailed responce with the resulting document hitting the spot exactly. I cant recommend Louise high enough.

  • I contacted Louise at Gatewood Consulting with regards to furthering my career overseas. I found her helpful, friendly and extremely professional.

    The design and feel of my CV proved a major contribution to me being appointed in my dream job covering Australasia and Singapore. I am very grateful for the time and effort she put in and have no hesitation in recommending her and Gatewood Consulting to others in the future.

  • Louise was a very effective and efficient career consultant. In addition to the provision of an excellent end product, she provided motivational confidence coaching to help me change my career perspective. Using my own background of communications she helped me understand myself as a product that need packaging and promoting to show my full potential. I also appreciated her ability to challenge my preconceptions to stimulate, restart and widen my creative thought processes, so I could carry this through the career change journey.

  • Louise Lapish provided me with a career coaching session following my decision to leave Opera North and explore. The preparation she made before the meeting was superb and she came to the meeting full of excellent ideas and suggestions, many of which I hadn’t considered prior to the meeting.

    Her expertise, her knowledge of CVs was excellent and helped me craft a better results driven CV. The new CV provided me opportunities within a week of the meeting and which has secured me securing job interviews and meetings.

    Her positive approach was infectious and I came out of the session convinced that I would be able to change my career path easily. I wouldn’t hesitate in booking another session with Louise should I need it.

  • As a professional looking for a new approach to my career, I worked closely with Louise and found her to be a great motivator and someone who objectively challenged ideas and plans with a great understanding of all elements of business. Louise understands people and helps establish long term goals to ensure the focus is not just on your current or short term objectives, and changes the thought process around career progression. I am looking forward to working with Louise again and have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • Louise, helped identify areas in which sales people needed development through coaching. Introduced and helped implement new ideas to drive performance from a telesales team and also enhanced the recruitment process for team members. Louise provides realistic and practical ideas and brought a positive increase to both activity and revenue performance. I would recommend Louise to anyone who is looking for hands on help in developing sales people and increasing performance and recruitment of new telesales people.

  • The classified advertising sales team at Newsquest had fallen behind in terms of sales techniques, processes, quality control and customer service to meet the needs of the customers in the current climate. Staff were resistant to change and suspicious of new people.
    Louise came into to deliver a telesales training programme and was able to quickly build trust with the team without compromising on standards, had a significant impact on quality as well as helping the sales executives identify new opportunities. Her work delivered significant return on investment in her time on the sales floor! Her work is highly recommended.

  • The courses that we have done through Louise (Gatewood Consulting) has been inspiring and life changing. The impact it’s had on the company’s development has been invaluable. Thank you!

  • After engaging the services of Louise it quickly became apparent that Louise knew what she was talking about. I wanted to move away from Operational management which I had been stuck in for some years and move up a level. Lacking in confidence Louise provided me with a step-by-step process which over time changed my thought process completely and made me belief that I could make that next step and as they say the  proof is in the pudding just three months later I have made the transition to Operations Director with a Web Design company.  Nothing comes easy though and Louise will make you work hard but the results are fantastic so stay with it

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